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    More Rule Changes


    On March 21st, the NFL made a controversial rule change which will prohibit any player - offensive or defensive - from initiating contact in the open field with the crown of his helmet. Runners can protect themselves by dropping their pads - it's only illegal, says the NFL, if you use the helmet to ram your opponent. 

    Many ex NFL players find the rule change to be a bad rule change. Hall of Famer Earl Campbell made the following statement:

    "I know there's going to be some things changed, but I never thought I agreed with Jack Lambert Twenty years or 10 years ago, he said the quarterback is going to end up wearing a dress. I did not think that I would live long enough to see that happen, but he's right. I think what they ought to do, if they really want to change it all up, give guys like we started football in elementary, flag football, and everybody will know not to bump into nobody.”

    Another Hall of Famer, Eric Dickerson, made this statement regarding the rule change:

    "I think it's a bad rule, mostly because its a natural reaction.   You'll never be able to police it. Running backs have to be able to protect themselves and doing that is protecting yourself.  That will never happen. What's next, take the stiff arm away?"

    Hopefully the players can remain safe and the game won't change dramatically with the rule change. However, certainly the incredible run by Campbell set forth below would be illegal in today's NFL.


    Earl Campbell and Today's Running Backs

    Image courtesy of http://sportsillustrated.cnn.comIn an article posted on today, NFL great Earl Campbell made the following comments about the poor state of the today's NFL running  backs:

    "I think it's because the way the game has changed, to where all of them just look like they're average backs because they pass the ball so much,"..."I don't think there's a runner in pro football you could say was like a Jim Brown."

    "You want a running back that can take that ball and just continually -- three, two yards -- keep it away from Eli," Campbell said. "It's all a quarterback game now."

    Campbell makes a good point.  The rules of today's NFL have changed the game into a passer league, and the running back position has suffered.  Gone are the days of Earl Campbell, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Eric Dickerson, Walter Payton and so many more. 



    Knee And Thigh Pads Making A Comeback! 

    According to Sports Now - Sports News From Los Angeles And Beyond, the NFL will require that all of its players wear knee and thigh pads by 2013. Most players stopped wearing knee and thigh pads years ago.  Here is a tribute to those and other fashionable pads NFL players used to wear!

     Franco Harris sporting knee, thigh and hip pads. Pic courtesy of

    Earl Campbell wearing thigh and knee pads. Photo courtesy of

    Randall Cunningham with his thigh and knee pads. Photo courtesy of

    Stump Mitchell's knee, thigh and forearm pads. Photo courtesy of


    Earl Campbell's Greatness

    Image courtesy of http://playersink.comWhile the fokes in Houston contemplate what to do with the disentregrating Astrodome, let us think back to one of the best players to have ever played in the Astrodome - the all-time great Earl Campbell. While Campbell's career only spanned from 1978 to 1985, during those years he ran for over 1,300 yards 5 times while playing for the Houston Oilers. Also, Campbell was only 66 yards shy of rushing for 2,000 yards in 1980. Campbell was a one of a kind running back, equipped with both brute force and explosive speed.  Enjoy!


    Earl Campbell and Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Thespians?

    Here is a commercial from 1980 for Skoal Tobacco (the commercial may be from 1979, I am not completely sure).  I don't chew tobacco, and this commercial isn't really noteworthy, except for the fact that it includes Earl Campbell, one of the top 5 running backs of the 1980's! I enjoyed Earl's reaction to his new beach counterpart at the end of the commercial. 

    Here is another 1980's commercial, starring All Pro Defensive End Ed "Too Tall" Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and their Doomsday Defense, for the Atari 2600. I am not sure who the better (or worse) actor is between Jones and Campbell, but I am sure of one thing: the Atari 2600 Real Sports Football Game that Jones was endorsing looked really bad.  Enjoy.