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    Embarrassing! Part XV: Gronk and the Patriots

    In an earlier edition of Embarrassing!, I posted an entry featuring a rap song for the Super Bowl bound 1985 New England Patriots. Well, the Patriots are appearing in the Super Bowl again, and they have another rap song.  At least this particular song was not created by the actual New England Patriots, but rather by one of their fans.  The rap song centers on Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski, and features some pretty amazing lyrics (i.e., "He went to college in Arizona, calls Bibi Jones when he gets a Gronk boner!").

    Regardless of who created it, it's pretty embarrassing and deserves an entry.  Enjoy!


    Embarrassing! Part IX: The Patriots

    While I am trying not to have the blog entries on this site dominated by the "Embarrassing" theme, it's becoming more and more difficult to ignore 1980's music videos - there are so many of them dedicated to NFL teams, and they are so incredibly embarrassing. 

    Two music videos pertaining to the New England Patriots' appearance in Super Bowl XX against the Chicage Bears are set forth below. Even the titles are embarrassing. For instance, the title to one of the videos below is "New England, the Patriots and We".  What is that even supposed to mean! Is that even correct grammar? Moreover, I am not exactly sure what is going on at the 1:33 mark of the Skin the Bears video, and I don't think I want to know. Enjoy, if you can stomach them.




    Rematch! Patriots vs. Jets

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    Okay, so the New England Patriots are playing the New York Jets this Sunday.  From second year head coach Rex Ryan going against 3 time Superbowl champion Bill Belicheck, to veteran Tom Brady battling youngster Tony Sanchez, to Wes Welker and Deion Branch and co. facing off against a skillful, veteran Jets secondary, the story lines are endless! But, wouldn't you know it, this isn't the only time the Jets and Patriots have met in an intriguing playoff matchup.  Let's ignore for a moment that these two teams met in the playoffs in the 2006-2007 NFL season...and, instead, let's skip all the way back their previous playoff matchup in the 1985-1986 season! Hello 80's!

    The 1985-1986 Jets were led by quarterback Ken O'Brien (who threw 25 touchdown passes and almost 4,000 yards that season) and runningback Freeman McNeil (1331 yards rushing). The Patriots were led by quarterback Tony Eason, veteran wide receiver Stanley Morgan and fullback Craig James (who rushed for over 1,200 yards that season). Although the final score of the game was 26-14 in favor of the Patriots, the games wasn't as close as the score would indicate.  The Patriots forced 4 turnovers and had 5 sacks. I am looking forward to finding out if the Patriots turn in a similar performance this weekend. If the Patriots end up victorious, and make it to the 2011 Superbowl, will the Patriots suffer the same fate as the 1985--1986 Patriots (a 46-10 thrashing in the Superbowl at the hands of the Chicago Bears)? Doubtful, but stranger things have happened. Image courtesy of

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