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    Knee And Thigh Pads Making A Comeback! 

    According to Sports Now - Sports News From Los Angeles And Beyond, the NFL will require that all of its players wear knee and thigh pads by 2013. Most players stopped wearing knee and thigh pads years ago.  Here is a tribute to those and other fashionable pads NFL players used to wear!

     Franco Harris sporting knee, thigh and hip pads. Pic courtesy of

    Earl Campbell wearing thigh and knee pads. Photo courtesy of

    Randall Cunningham with his thigh and knee pads. Photo courtesy of

    Stump Mitchell's knee, thigh and forearm pads. Photo courtesy of


    Vikings, Donovan McNabb And Veteran Quarterbacks

    The rumor mill has been heating up with trade talk between the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins for quarterback Donovan McNabb.  If the trade takes place, it won't be the first time the Vikings have started an NFL season knowing that their quarterback might be an older, veteran player - on the contrary, this seems to be "par for the course" for the Vikings.  Here is a list of the veteran quarterbacks that the Vikings have started since the 1980's:

    1987-1990: Tommy Kramer (started 15 games, was drafted in 1977) and Wade Wilson (started 29 games, was drafted in 1981)

    1990-1991: Wade Wilson (started 9 games)

    Image courtesy of Jim McMahon (started 12 games, was drafted in 1982)

    Image courtesy of http://cdn.bleacherreport.net1994 - 1996: Warren Moon (started 39 games, first year in professional football was in 1978, in the CFL, for the Edminton Eskimos)

    Image courtesy of http://cdn.bleacherreport.net1997 - 1998: Randall Cunningham (started 17 games, was drafted in 1985)


    1999: Randall Cunningham and Jeff George (Cunningham started 6 games, George started 10 games and was drafted in 1990)

    Image courtesy of http://i.cdn.turner.com2006: Brad Johnson (started 14 games, was drafted in 1992)

    Image courtesy of http://e-strategy.blogs.com2008: Gus Frerotte (started 11 games, was drafted in 1994)

    2009 - 2010: Brett Favre (started 29 games, was drafted in 1991)