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    Tim Tebow - The Next David Woodley?

    David Woodley played quarterback for the Miami Dolphins from 1980 through part of the 1983 season.  Woodley led the Dolphins to the 1982 playoffs with a 7-2 record (strike shortened season), averaging 120 yards passing per game, 23 rushing yards per game, and having thrown 5 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.  Although the Dolphins had the league's lowest ranked passing attack in 1982, the Dolphins made it all the way to the Super Bowl, where they were defeated by the Washington Redskins 27-17. 

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    Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to the AFC West Division Title this year.  While doing so, Tebow has averaged only 123.5 yards passing per game and 47 yards rushing per game.  Tebow has thrown 12 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.

    Both Woodley and Tebow were strong runners, but neither was a strong passer.  In fact, Woodley failed to complete a pass in the second half of the Super Bowl he played in against the Redskins.

    After being named team MVP in 1980 and leading the 1982 Dolphins to a Super Bowl, Woodley was benched in 1983 for rookie Dan Marino, and then Woodley was traded the following year to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Woodley's career ended soon thereafter in 1985 with the Steelers.  How will Tebow's career turn out?


    Orton, Tebow or Quinn?

    Image courtesy of http://1.bp.blogspot.comAccording to ESPN, the big news out of the Denver Broncos' training camp is that Kyle Orton has beaten out last years' first round draft pick, Tim Tebow, for the starting quarterback job in the NFL.  "If they picked Tebow now," said a source within the team, "the coaching staff would totally lose the players."

    I guess it's too bad that the Broncos can't turn to John Elway to help them resurrect the franchise from its recent doldrums.  The next question is, will Brady Quinn overtake Tebow for the #2 spot? Reports out of camp have stated that Quinn has outplayed Tebow so far.  This could get messy!