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    The Autumn Wind

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    The “Autumn Wind” is a poem written by NFL Film’s Steve Sabol.  In the first video below, the Autumn Wind is read by famous NFL Films narrator/announcer John Facenda with Oakland Raiders' theme music in the background.  The second and third videos pertain to, respectively, Vince Lombardi and the Cowboys' Doomsday Defense. Facenda has been labeled by NFL enthusiasts as the “Voice of God”, and, as you watch and listen to the following videos, you will understand why.  Facenda’s voice, along with some awe-inspiring music, set to the background of NFL highlights, may provide even the most anti-NFLers with goose bumps. 

    The NFL may have a lockout, or some other type of work stoppage next season, which will likely serve to alienate thousands of fans. If this happens, one of the fastest ways to get those fans back will be for the NFL to resurrect and market every John Facenda highlight video they can find. Moreover, the NFL should find a way to market today’s NFL with the same music, style and narration as used during Facenda’s prime as an NFL narrator.   Enjoy:





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